About me

My name is Matias Lie-Nielsen and I am currently working as an interaction design and developer at Making Waves in Oslo.

My background

I am an interaction designer and developer with experience across different fields. I graduated with distinction from Kingston University in 2015, earning my MSc degree in User Experience Design. I have previously worked on several web projects, virtual reality and mobile applications.

My greatest ability is the skill to quickly adapt to different situations and communicate across different environments.

Through previous volunteer work, I have gained extensive knowledge working and communicating with people, something that is essential for any project to be successful. By working freelance, I have utilised and mastered a vast range of different methods like customer journey mapping, personas, wireframing, user interviews and usability testing. I am very comfortable in a WordPress environment, working both front- and backend.

My passion for development, new technology and design has given me valuable experience, which makes the transition between prototyping and development fluid within a project. My strong communication skills ensure that the team members fully understand comprehensive data and visual solutions.